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MLS 2013 Week 5 Match-Ups, Schedule, TV/Streaming, Predictions

All the info you need to watch the rest of MLS as D.C. United enjoys works out the kinks during its bye week.

Otto Greule Jr

Halfsies. That's what our prediction league did in Week 4, every one of us going 4/8. While we're all focused on the USMNT for today, Week 5 of Major League Soccer's 2013 season sees D.C. United take the week off from playing, but that's no reason not to pay attention. So let's see what the rest of MLS has in store. But first, a check-up on our little staff predictions contest:

Week 3 Scores (possible 8): Adam: 4 points | Chest: 4 pts | Benuski: 4 pt | Stephen: 4 pts

Total Scores (possible 34): Adam: 13 pts | Chest: 14 pts | Benuski: 9 pts | Stephen: 14 pts

Before you lay into us, remember that there are 3 possible outcomes to any game - a win by either team and a draw. So netting more than one in three is better than chance alone. Which has three in four of us feeling pretty okay about our seasons to date. And then there's Ben.

To the picks! (As always, home teams are listed first.)

Sat. Mar. 30, 2 pm: Toronto FC vs. LA Galaxy - MLS Live
Adam: LA. Chest: Draw. Benuski: LA. Stephen: Draw.

The Gals are near the top of the league in shots attempted and shots on goal, while TFC is near the bottom in both categories. This game screams one-way traffic, even in Toronto. -Adam

Sat. Mar. 30, 3:30 pm: New York Red Bulls vs. Philadelphia Union - NBC Sports Network (which means add ~21 minutes of pregame coverage before a 12:51-ish kickoff)
Adam: Draw. Chest: NY. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: NY.

I don't even care if its true, its just for the laughs that would accompany New York exploding if it happened. -Benuski

Sat. Mar. 30, 4 pm: New England Revolution vs. FC Dallas - MLS Live
Adam: FCD. Chest: Draw. Benuski: FCD. Stephen: Draw.

Interesting side story: Can Jackson continue his run of stealing balls off of goalkeepers to score, or is ex-field player Matt Reis smart enough to just clear the damn ball? -Chest

Sat. Mar. 30, 6 pm: Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers - MLS Live, Univision Deportes
Adam: COL. Chest: Draw. Benuski: COL. Stephen: COL.

Five teams have yet to notch a win in MLS this season, these are two of them. But, at least the game will be on MLS's highest rated network - Univision. -Stephen

Sat. Mar. 30, 8:30 pm: Houston Dynamo vs. San Jose Earthquakes - MLS Live
Adam: HOU. Chest: HOU. Benuski: HOU. Stephen: HOU.

This isn't last year's Earthquakes, and no one has success at LETTERSLETTERSLETTERS Stadium. -Chest

Sat. Mar. 30, 8:30 pm: Sporting Kansas City vs. Montreal Impact - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: KC. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: Draw.

The Sporks are struggling to create much of anything from their possession game, and the Italian pensioners that are the Impact have been very good at shutting things down in their own half. Don't expect (m)any goals in this one. -Adam

Sat. Mar. 30, 9 pm: Real Salt Lake vs. Seattle Sounders - MLS Live
Adam: RSL. Chest: Draw. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: RSL.

RSL's cap-enforced youth movement hasn't taken off quite yet, but then Seattle is apparently relying on DeAndre Yedlin and Djimi Traore to score the goals lost by Fredy Montero. -Chest

Sat. Mar. 30, 10:30 pm: Chivas USA vs. Vancouver Whitecaps - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: CHV. Benuski: CHV. Stephen: CHV.

Chivas win - OK, the jokes have stopped. I'm jumping on the Chivas bandwagon (for now)! -Stephen

* * *

Be sure to let us know how your predictions fared last week - and make your picks for Week 5 - in the comments.