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MLS Week 4 Open Thread for all things not D.C. United

If it's not D.C. United vs. Columbus, then this is your place to talk about it all weekend long.

Tom Pennington

D.C. United get an early start this weekend, with the round's only nationally televised game, but there's plenty else to talk about in MLS and around the world...

  • If we put our heads together, maybe we can solve the conundrum of playing fewer midweek games while simultaneously putting more teams into international competition, not playing in blizzards and not scheduling games during FIFA fixture windows. There's got to be a solution, and we're just the community to find it!
  • Speaking of blizzards, how about that USMNT, eh? I give the panic reprieve till about an hour after this post goes live before we remember that Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't actually understand soccer tactics.
  • Two of the bigger games (outside of United vs. the Columbus Crew, of course) are Montreal Impact vs. the Thierry Henry-less New York Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy taking on the Seattle Sounders, sans Eddie Johnson. Still, both games should be interesting, at least.
  • There were a ton (a ton!) of World Cup Qualifiers around the world yesterday - surely some of them caught your eye.
Feel free to talk about all that and more. This is your open thread.