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2013-MLS Cup Final: Sporting Kansas City vs. Real Salt Lake - TV Schedule, Previews, Predictions, Open Thread and LIVE Podcast

It's the biggest day of the Major League Soccer calendar, and we're here to take you through it with TV info, a B&RU live thread and a live streaming edition of our podcast, Filibuster.

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After a harrowing bye week, preceded just two weeks before by another truly intimidating bye week, the 18th MLS Cup is finally upon us. This afternoon, Sporting Kansas City will host Real Salt Lake as each team looks to lift the biggest prize in North American soccer for the second time. It should be an exciting game, and we'll be watching along and participating in the comments as the game goes on. What's more, we'll have a Google Hangout On Air from AMT Studios, where Ben, Jason (ChestRockwell) and I will be pushing out a live edition of Filibuster, the Black and Red United podcast.

Time: 4:00 pm EST is when coverage will start. Look for kickoff about half an hour after.

Venue: Sporking Sporting Park, Kansas City, Kan.

TV/Streaming: ESPN and WatchESPN, presumably with Adrian Healy and Taylor Twellman in the booth.

Previews: RSL Soapbox has the visiting fans' take, and The Daily Wiz has the hosts covered. Because this is SBN, the two sites even swappedfew questions. For a neutral perspective, check out big boy SB Nation's preview.

Prediction: I think RSL is going to take this one. They've developed the tenacity to deal with SKC's physical pressure (especially since the return of Chris Schuler), and Jason Kreis has proven that he knows how to beat the 4-3-3 with his fabled diamond midfield. Set pieces will be key, though, so if the Sporks start winning a lot of corners and fouls in the attacking third, they could narrow the gap significantly. Still, I think Kreis coaches his last game in Claret-and-Cobalt before departing to build up NYCFCLOLWTFBBQ toward 2015.

What Are You Drinking?: Well, you'll just have to tune in to the live Hangout to find out, won't you?

If you're a D.C. United fan disappointed not to be supporting a finalist today, this is the place for pre-game, in-game and post-game conversation.