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MLS Offseason Power Rankings, December 2013 Edition

We are barely halfway through the off-season, with plenty more signings, drafts, and trades yet to come; however, that shouldn't prevent us from evaluating everyone so far!

Jeff Golden

Power rankings are, by their very nature, a subjective and silly endeavour. Off-season power rankings are doubly silly, and off-season power rankings before the turn of the New Year are just for fun. But we are not going to let any of that stop us! If you remember from the beginning of this year, we decided to use a crowd-ranking site so that all of you can create the power rankings; we are going to abandon that system and use something brand new. Give each team a ranking of 1 to 5 stars, and the computer will tabulate all of those results into a handy-dandy list. Easy, right? We will have rankings now, at the end of January, probably twice in February, and then weekly throughout the MLS season.

If you have any feedback about our method for doing power rankings, let us know. And obviously, give us your comments on how each team has been doing so far below. But without further ado, here is your inaugural power rankings! Have at it.