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2015 B&RU Prediction Game

B&RU Match Prediction Game: Final Results

The winner of the 2015 Match Prediction Game is...

B&RU Match Prediction Game Week34: The Final Act

This is the last chance to bag some points before the 2015 MPG draws to a close.

B&RU Match Prediction Game Week33: Two Weeks Left!

Only two more weeks of games remain in the 2015 season. Make your final predictions count!

Match Prediction Game: Back for week 30!

The Match Prediction Game is back for the final stretch of games this season.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk27: DC Bye Week

DC get a rest from action this week after extending their losing streak to three games.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk26: Atlantic Cup 3.0

United take on the Red Bulls in part three of the 2015 Atlantic Cup.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk25: Congestion Again

United head into a tough stretch of games in Week 25, so there's no excuse not to bag at least a few points.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk24: Yankee Doodle

United heads to Yankee Stadium for Week 24 of the Match Prediction Game.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk23: Back on Track

The Match Prediction Game is back on track, just in time for some mid-week games.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk21: Helter Skelter

Scores for Week 20 are behind schedule, but there are still a ton of games to predict this weekend.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk21: Stop the Skid

United get another shot against the DOOP in hopes of stopping their four game win-less skid.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk20: Frisco al fresco

The DCU bye week is a thing of the past. Time to get back to the grind.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk19: DCU Bye Week

DCU finally have a bye week; the Match Prediction Game does not. Get back to work, plebs.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk18: So long, USOC

Week 17 is a wrap. Get your Week 18 predictions in.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk17: Lucky 17

B&RU readers had a strong Week 16. Week 17 features a very busy MLS and Women's World Cup weekend.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk16: Resume MLS

A quiet week 15 paves the way for the second half of the MLS season.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk15: We're Terrible

Scores are in for Week 14, and we didn't do so well. At least we get a respite in Week 15.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk14: 14-for-14

Week 14 has more games than you can shake a stick at, so go crazy with your predictions.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk13: FIFA Downfall

We try to predict the future of Week 13 in MLS while FIFA's near future looks increasingly grim.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk12: MLS Hi-Lo

Plenty of games to predict in Week 12.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 9: Goal Frenzy

So many goals to watch from Week 8. Did it help you get any points? Check your score and prep for Week 9.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 8: Lasers and DOGSOs

Things got crazy in Week 7. Week 8 is going to be crazier. Join in on the fun.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 7: Rapids Run Riot

The Rapids' 4-0 victory over FC Dallas ruined the fun for everyone, but Week 7 looks to be free of party-poopers. Check your results and post your next predictions!

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 6: Hamid Uber Alles

Week 6 is the first double-game week this year, which means plenty of points are up for grabs. Check your Week 5 score and get back in the game.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 5: Party Boy Returns

Our players are finally starting to build some momentum. Check your scores from Week 4 and don your tin-foil thinking caps for Week 5.

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 3: BYE Week Blues

The Week 2 scores are in, and some folks had a rough weekend. Check the leaderboard and stage a comeback in Week 3!

MLS Match Prediction Game Wk 2: Electric Boogaloo

The results from Week 1 of the B&RU MLS MPG (enough alphabet soup for you?) are in. See who tops the leaderboard, and get your picks in for Week 2.

B&RU prediction game is back! Rules + Week 1

Buckle up, folks. The B&RU Match Prediction Game is back for a second season.


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