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MLS Fantasy is back - Join the B&RU leagues!

A month from the kickoff of the MLS season, Fantasy MLS returns with a few changes, and one of them is huge. 

Now that Fantasy MLS is live, we get to see what has been changed for 2017. The biggest change is that there are no longer limits on weekly transfers. In the past we've had two or three free changes per round, with a couple of rounds where unlimited transfers were allowed, but now there are no restrictions at all. In my opinion this takes some of the strategy out of the game, as attentive players knew how to plan in advance for absences and byes, but it has had a ripple effect with other changes coming.

With transfers no longer restricted, we're getting a sharp reduction in salary cap (down to $100M from $120M), and a small reduction in roster spots (down to 15 from 16, which is reflected in the forwards, where we get 3 instead of 4.) From a scoring perspective, goalkeeper and defender clean sheets will now earn five points, up from four.

Help building your rosters will come as we get a little closer to the regular season to account for new roster additions and the settling of starting spots, but in the meantime you can join our classic league (code: 1920-636) and the head-to-head league (code: 1920-637.)