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MLS Fantasy Focus: Two Bruins

Two men to lead them all...

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Before we get to the Fantasy Focus this week, here's a reminder to join the BR&U league(s). To join, click here for our traditional league, and over here for our head-to-head league. Or you can go to "Leagues," "Join a League," select "Private League," click "next," and enter league number 38-11 for the traditional league, and 38-459 for the head-to-head league.

Alright, so let's get to the nitty gritty. First, a tip of the hat to ironic round and overall leaders Masters of Futility, scorers of 84 points. Masters were led by round co-leader, UCLA Bruin Nick Rimando (RSL, $6.0), who earned a clean sheet, saved a penalty, and made 9 saves on the way to 15 points. Backing him up, with 12 points each, were Josh Williams (CLB, $8.5) and Mauro Rosales (CHV, $7.5), with Williams tallying a clean sheet and an assist, and Rosales two assists.

Positional Leaders


Rimando scored nearly twice as much as the next closest goalkeepers. Behind him was a three-way tie for second with 8 points, between Steve Clark (CLB, $5.0), Tally Hall (HOU, $6.0), and Stefan Frei ($5,0). Each earned a clean sheet. DCU's Bill Hamid ($5.0) was worth 2 points.


Josh Williams's 12 points led all defenders. Tied for second, just one point behind, were his Crew teammate, Michael Parkhurst ($7.5) and Houston's Corey Ashe ($7.0), scorers of 11 points. Parkhurst earned a penalty and a clean sheet, while Ashe had a clean sheet and an assist. For United, Bobby Boswell ($8.0) scored 4 points, Christian Fernandez ($6.5) scored 3 points, and both Sean Franklin ($8.0) and Jeff Parke ($7.0) scored 2 points.


Rosales led his position with 12 points. Following close behind, Pedro Morales (VAN, $8.5M) scored a goal and added an assist for 11 points, and Oscar Boniek Garcia (HOU, $10.0) scored a goal on the way to 10 points. Five United midfielders scored, with Perry Kitchen ($6.5) and Luis Silva ($7.5) leading on 3 points. Davy Arnaud and Nick DeLeon ($7.0 each) scored 2 points, and Kyle Porter ($5.0) showed up for 1 point.


Leading his position and sharing the overall lead with Rimando was Will Bruin (HOU, $8.1), who tallied 15 points with 2 goals and an assist. Vancouver's Kenny Miller ($8.5) added 2 goals of his own for 12 points, and Gonzalo Federico Higuain (CLB, $10.5) scored twice for 11 points. Of DC's forwards, Fabian Espindola ($8.5) and Eddie Johnson ($10.0) earned 2 points, and Connor Doyle ($6.5) made a 1-point cameo.

Looking Ahead

It's difficult in the very early going to see who's actually good and who isn't, but I'd start with recommending Tally Hall at goalkeeper, because the Dynamo just crushed New England at home 4-0, and now they're facing Montreal at home. In defense, get Dylan Remick (SEA, $4.1, 7 points) while you can, as he's up $0.1 in cost, and Seattle's actually playing him - this week they have Toronto at home. In the midfield, I'm in on Pedro Morales, who I wouldn't be surprised to see duplicate or better his 11-point performance on the road against Chivas. Bruin is the obvious choice at forward for Houston, but also have a look at the cheaper Joao Plata (RSL, $7.0, 9 points) who scored for the kingless Real, and faces San Jose on the road.

New for this year, each week I'm ending with one player in each position who's being added the most, and one who's being dropped the most.

Everyone's Adding: Rimando (+366), Remick (+841), Thomas McNamara (M, CHV, $4.5, 7 points, +755), Bruin (+1056)

Everyone's Dropping: Bill Hamid (-139), Zach Loyd (D, DAL, $5.5, 0 points, -448), Adam Moffat (M, DAL, $6.0, 0 points, -329), Robbie Keane (F, LA, $11.0, 2 points, -447)