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Announcing a new contributor and the Black & Red United MLS Fantasy League - Join now!

Join us, won't you, as we welcome a new face and find out who among the B&RU community has the best eye for talent and roster-building on the official MLS Fantasy game.

Ezra Shaw

We've got a couple of announcements here this morning at Chateau B&RU, and we're pretty happy about both of them. The first is that we have a new writer on the staff. You might know him from the comments around these parts or from Twitter or from the Barra Brava tailgates, but odds are that if you're a fan of D.C. United, you've come across him somewhere. He's Blasiansays, and he'll be walking our new Fantasy MLS beat this year. He'll be the guy you turn to when you're wondering who to pick up and who to drop while you're setting your roster.

That's especially important, too, because we'd also like to let you know that the Black & Red United Fantasy MLS League is officially a thing. So head over to the game page at and register to join private league number 7173-1471. See how you stack up at building a real (read: fake) MLS roster every week against other B&RU readers and staff, and of course have a little fun trash talking the competition. It should be noted that I'm historically pretty godawful at fantasy soccer, and I'll be participating this season; so if nothing else, you can watch my humiliation, which I've been told is generally quite hilarious.

We hope you'll join us in playing in the B&RU fantasy league this year and in welcoming Blasiansays to the fold.

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