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Report claims Turkish club Gaziantepspor makes offer for Sean Franklin

This one is out of left field.

A report from Turkey says that Gaziantepspor, a club based on the Turkish Super League, is interested in D.C. United right back Sean Franklin. The writer of the article (Ali Budak) does not say how involved discussions have been, but does say that an offer from "The Falcons" has been made for D.C.'s consideration.

Franklin is 31 years old, and should the team take the alleged offer - the proposed fee is unknown - would deprive the Black-and-Red of their leader in minutes played in 2016, along with left back Taylor Kemp. He is in his third year with D.C. after playing with the LA Galaxy since being drafted in 2008. In a world in which Franklin was transferred, this would mean that Luke Mishu may take over right back in the near term, though it could also mean that Jalen Robinson, who made has played well at center back in 2016, could be pushed out to right back as well.

Chris Korb's return remains to be determined at the moment. Oddly enough, Franklin would be the second DCU fullback to go to Turkey in recent years. Samuel Inkoom, who appeared in five games (two in MLS, three in the CCL) for DCU in 2014 before being traded to the Houston Dynamo, now plays at Antalyaspor, who finished 9th in the Super Lig last year (Gaziantepspor finished 14th). One would presume that Franklin would stay in Black-and-Red unless the offer was extremely generous. Franklin's contract status remains unknown, though his contract option was exercised after the 2015 season.