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D.C. United receives 4th round pick from New York Red Bulls

D.C. United has acquired a fourth round pick as compensation of their discovery claim.

D.C. United has confirmed that they have received a 2016 fourth round pick from the New York Red Bulls and, in a very MLS manner, it was in exchange for D.C. United's discovery claim on Kemar Lawrence. Lawrence was on trial with D.C. United in the summer of 2014, but left without being offered a contract. Just after the beginning of the 2015 season, he was signed by the New York Red Bulls and had a good season with them, playing in 23 games. The trade happened last January. United will get to use the draft pick next week, as the 3rd and 4th rounds of the draft are conducted via conference call.

The process now for discovery claims is that teams would receive $50,000 in allocation money from the team that wishes to sign the player; however, it looks like in this case this transaction happened before that rule was put in place. With Taylor Kemp in the middle of a career year in 2014, it makes sense that the team didn't sign him, but his play against United in the playoffs does make it sting a little. However, at least United got some sort of compensation from the Red Bulls, even if it is just a late-round pick.