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D.C. United assistant coach Enzo Cocina looks to be headed to Montreal Impact

D.C. United's Italian assistant looks to be headed to the most Italian of all MLS teams.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

As per TSN reporter Tony Marinaro, it looks like D.C. United assistant coach Enzo Concina is leaving D.C. United to head to the Montreal Impact, serving as an assistant coach under Frank Klopas.

Concina and Amos Magee were two new assistant coaches who joined Ben Olsen's staff this past offseason, and while no one can calculate their exact achievements it seems like both have helped the team improve this year. However, Concina was linked to the head coaching position at the Montreal Impact a couple years ago, and it is unlikely he will have any opportunities to move up the pecking order with Magee and Chad Ashton next to Ben Olsen.

Montreal makes perfect sense for Concina besides his previous links to the head coaching job. He previously played for the Impact in a previous incarnation and Frank Klopas did not bring back his top assistant coach from last season. It looks like Concina will step into the top assistant spot, with an opportunity to take over the team should Frank Klopas fail; this is an opportunity he would never have with United. While it would be nice if D.C. United could keep together a consistent coaching staff for multiple years, it is at least good to see United's coaches being worth poaching.