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Theorizing the new D.C. United secondary jersey

With the first sneak peak at the new D.C. United secondary jersey being released today, we briefly stop to think about what the Black-and-Red will sport when away from the friendly confines of RFK Stadium.

A sneak peak at the new secondary jersey
A sneak peak at the new secondary jersey

Earlier this morning, D.C. United's Team Store Twitter account released the second of what will be several photos to offer a sneak peak of the 2015 secondary jersey.  With a picture of the 4 stars above the crest set on a red background, United fans began speculating on what the new jersey would look like when it's officially released in February.

People may be wondering what the first jersey photo was that the team released.  Well, back in September, when Major League Soccer released the new league crest, the team released a photo to show how their individualized league crest would look on their sleeve.  That picture showed the MLS crest in black and red with white trim set against a white sleeve with red stripes.  The red stripes alone would be a departure from previous versions of the secondary jersey which featured black stripes and very little red.

What does this mean?  When you put two and two together, it seems like the new jersey will not be white with some black and/or red trim as it has been the past few seasons.  Could it possibly model Ajax's home jersey? This rumored Arsenal jersey from when Adidas was bidding for Arsenal's kit sponsorship (one that Puma eventually won)?  Or, maybe even a diagonal look like AS Monaco?  For my money, it looks like the club is steering us towards one that looks like Ajax with some possible black trim incorporated into it, possibly on the front.  I'm also thinking white shorts with red trim and white socks.  However, as the days go by leading up to the jersey release, the team will undoubtedly share more pictures that will give us a better idea of what the 2015 D.C. United secondary jersey will be.

Give us your thoughts or theories in the comment section below...what would you like to see?  What do you think we end up with?