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D.C. United signs Conor Doyle on a permanent deal from Derby County FC

D.C. United announced today that they have signed forward Conor Doyle on a permanent deal from Derby County FC.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Conor Doyle will stay in the District of Columbia, with D.C. United announcing today that the team had secured him on a permanent deal from Derby County FC. Acquired on-loan from Derby County in July through a weighted lottery, Doyle scored two goals and added one assist in fourteen games for D.C. United, tying him for the second highest scorer on the team last year. Doyle was originally training with the Colorado Rapids, but MLS roster rules brought him to United.

D.C. United scouting coordinator Kurt Morsink had this to say about Doyle:

"Conor is a very talented, young forward that will continue to improve. His ability to get into good spots and anticipate service is very rare for his age, and makes him a unique forward."

The terms of the deal are as-of-yet unknown, though I would assume that the figure will likely come out in the British press over the next few days. However, it is highly likely that Doyle's initial transfer fee of $300,000 was negotiated down, as the coach who brought Doyle in has left and the new coach has not yet seen him play.