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LAG Confidential gives us the scouting report on D.C. United's new fullback, Sean Franklin

The skinny from a writer who's been covering Franklin's now-former team for SB Nation.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

When D.C. United selected Sean Franklin with the #1 pick in today's first stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft Process, my first email was to Josie Becker, the managing editor over at our sister site LAG Confidential. She's covers the LA Galaxy closely for SB Nation, so if anybody has a handle on what United are getting with the now former-Gal fullback, it's her. Here are her words on the joint newest member of the Black-and-Red:

Sean Franklin started his MLS career with promise, winning rookie of the year as a standout on an awful defense. He had to to a lot of covering for others mistakes that year, and played a good amount of central defense. After LA picked up Omar Gonzalez in the next year's draft, Arena was able to move Franklin out to his natural right back position.

After Gregg Berhalter retired, Franklin at fullback with A.J. DeLaGarza in central defense became arguably MLS' best back four. The defensive contribution of Franklin on that back line was strong, and with David Beckham often floating over to Franklin's right side his passing became one of his biggest strengths.

Arena got antsy with Franklin this past offseason, trying him out in the midfield and bringing him off the bench for a stretch. The solid majority of appearance were still at right back where he was good for about a key pass per game.

He's not a great tackler, yet he's a much better defender than a midfielder. His work rate is unquestionable, he'll hold onto the ball, and he'll win aerial challenges.

D.C. United got a great player in Franklin, who would still be on the Galaxy if it weren't for his price tag.