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D.C. United vs. NYCFC in GIF form

Watch Lucho and Bill do work, as well as some quiet indicators for United at the back

I like winning, as D.C. United did Saturday over New York City FC. But if you’re looking for animated moments of a celebratory nature this may not be the post for you. This isn’t to say that we hated the win; we don’t, but there were some things to take a closer look at.

The first was an instance where former DCUer Rodney Wallace got a run in on goal only for the ball to move just a bit too fast, allowing Bill Hamid to get to it. Note Bobby Boswell pointing this out to Taylor Kemp but by the time it happened, it was a moot point:

Staying on the center backs for a second, this counter from NYCFC after Patrick Nyarko’s pass was intercepted (and Ian Harkes’ slightly bad ball back into the area). Note Boswell’s plucky hustle, and Steve Birnbaum’s slightly casual jogging (to keep an eye on Maxi Moralez judging from that look):

Now for the first goal, and leaving the full move in for context. That would be Harkes getting the ball out to Luciano Acosta, who then shakes off Andrea Pirlo and keeps Thomas McNamara at bay before sticking with it, finishing the rebound for his second in as many weeks:

Next up is Bill Hamid’s double save on both David Villa and Jack Harrison, the latter of whom seems to be making an expression not uncommon among those who find scoring chances snuffed out by Bilal:

Finally, Acosta closes the game out, fending off three NYCFC players as only Lucho can. That first touch is good, but what followed was even better:

So what stood out for you?