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D.C. United vs. NYCFC GIFs

We look at some moments that caught our curiosity.

D.C. United came into their game with New York City FC looking at a makeshift backline combined with just generally not doing well on the road in games. They held their own, even looked like they'd leave Yankee Stadium with a point, but came away on the bad side of a 3-2 result. So let's look at some moments, good, bad and otherwise, shall we?

The first was the D.C. goal from Lloyd Sam. This starts with a nice interception and step up from Luciano Acosta and continued by Patrick Nyarko, who was doing well in the attacking third most of the night until his departure:

Speaking of Sam, this is the type of thing that turns (turned?) the game around for NYCFC because this miss is brutal (of note, the Patrick Mullins off the ball run is quite nice):

Next up is the injury Patrick Nyarko suffered, putting an end to what was an excellent night for him. This is the second such elbow to the face of a D.C. player that a referee from PRO has inexplicably not so much as cautioned. But please, tell me more about your thoughts on player safety:

Next up, the first NYCFC goal from David Villa. I see what Luke Mishu was trying to do, but boy howdy, did he ever not do it well here. Have fun in Richmond for a week or two I guess?

Moving along to the second NYC goal from Frank Lampard and the mess of this. Nick DeLeon getting bumped from Khiry Shelton, who kept the ball in, and eventually to Lampard, in empty space for an easy conversion:

Next up, the D.C. goal from Lamar Neagle, who had a great case of ups on this one, nicely delivered, it should be noted, by Julian Buescher:

Here's the thing that grinds my gears. David Villa isn't going to get so much as a fine for this attempted elbow on Jalen Robinson. But it's cheap, dirty and if it's part of a book that gives the little weasel a suspension, I'll have done my part.

And here's a slightly tighter version of that:

So, what did you see caught your eye?