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D.C United vs. Chicago Fire GIFs

We look back at a (yet another) crazy night in Illinois.

Nothing like a night where D.C. United score yet another goal in stoppage time that leads to a 2-2 draw, this time over the Chicago Fire, and this time on the road. So let's take a look at what occurred in the game through my tiny eyes, shall we?

The first is the many angles of Rob Vincent's goal, and the minor relief of Ben Olsen therein:

Next is the goal from Razvan Cocis. I'm more tempted to put this on Bobby Boswell for losing his guy than on Luke Mishu, but to each their own:

Next is the goal from David Accam, which I'm tempted less to pin on Bill Hamid and more on both Steve Birnbaum's trying (and failing) to stay with him and the lack of support from Taylor Kemp (who found himself with guys to mark on his own) on this:

Next is something I entitled "Lucho's night," for Luciano Acosta, as this failed pass to Taylor Kemp indicates:

Related to that, this GIF of Acosta, doing a tribute of sorts to Fabian Espindola, walking up to the play, not giving anything to Lloyd Sam, who found himself getting closed in, and instead of being the guy who could have got a better ball in, Acosta watched Sam cross in, unsuccessfully:

Next is the shot that Lamar Neagle had that eventually went over the bar. Note that Neagle was one of three forwards available calling for a pass from Acosta (a nice one as well, so it's not like Lucho was phoning it in completely) and his rebound attempt being the reason why the Fire had a goal kick:

Finally is the goal that tied the affair, which Bobby Boswell headed in. Noting the nice efforts from Patrick Mullins and Patrick Nyarko to poke things more on goal than anything else:

So, what stood out for you?