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D.C. United vs. Real Salt Lake GIFs

We look back at things that entertained us in internet file form.

There's no two ways around it, D.C. United had little right to earn a point out of their Friday night game with Real Salt Lake. But a point was what they got, with Jared Jeffrey putting a header in net towards an improbable 1-1 draw with the folks at the RioT. And with that, let's look at the moments of entertainment of the match in GIF form, shall we?

The first moment is when RSL forward Yura Movsisyan thought, or at least claimed to have a look at a penalty, from contact in the box. Ballsy from Juan Guzman not to call this, but I can see the case why it wasn't:

Next are those saves. You know the ones. Where Bill Hamid stones Movsisyan later in the first half? The first one was smarts, but the next one was flat out perfection. Stick around for the bonus Ben Olsen reaction afterwards:

Hamid saves/Olsen Jesus

Just before the half, Joao Plata comes up with a great run that shows the failure of Marcelo Sarvas to stick with his run, but also, Plata's disrespect pact of Bobby Boswell, Bobby has a wife and kids!

Next up is the RSL goal. If you haven't seen Javier Martinez before, I encourage you to watch more of him, because he's fun to watch. Hell, look at Boswell. He had a better view than most of us, that's for certain.

Next up is Hamid's save of Olmes Garcia, one of seven on the night. Considering what happened moments later, this is pretty close to a definition of game-saving as I can recall recently:

Then the goal, and the interesting marking on Jared Jeffrey. Considering where he stood on the depth chart at the end of 2015, his resurgence, his role in D.C.'s Open Cup elimination and now, brace yourself for the downturn event, because he's on a rollercoaster like we are at this point:

So what moments caught your eye?