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D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew GIFs

We look back and some moments from the draw.

D.C. United's game Saturday with Columbus Crew SC featured the first with new acquisition Lloyd Sam and a Crew lineup that went midweek and most of those players were subsequently gassed, or should have been. But, D.C. United, bad on the road thus far, etc. etc. They played better, but a last-minute 1-1 draw helped rescue what was a decent offensive effort...until you got to the box. So let's look at GIFs, shall we?

We start with the combo between Sam and Sean Franklin, in what was a recurring theme for the team on the night, as the combination of Franklin to Sam (and Sam to Franklin) were the first and third most successful passing combos of anyone on the night:

Next is Luciano Acosta's shot, and his really pretty adjustment of positioning to get a smart save out of Steve Clark.

Next is the chance from Cedric Mabwati. Note the stop from Bobby Boswell, who sounded offended at his benching this week. Remember that on the off chance someone from Toronto FC takes a run, DOWN THE FREAKIN' MIDDLE, this week:

Then the Crew goal from Ola Kamara. If Steve Birnbaum's looking for a new contract, his positioning is going to have to be better than this, because he was out, in the middle of the Dead Sea one would say, on this:

Next is the tying goal from Fabian Espindola. Besides Birnbaum getting his second assist on the night, this is pretty much what the game deserved, with D.C.'s advantage on shots and corners and such:

And we wrap up with Mabwati, who was subbed off for Ethan Finlay, and who perhaps best sums up my thoughts on the game for the moment at least. Note the looping on this, because I AM AN ARTIST!

So in terms of moments, what stood out for you?