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The co-founder of the American Outlaws DC chapter tells his fan story

We all know him around here, and now Donald Wine II is the subject of an SB Nation video

Donald Wine II -- you might know him better as blazindw -- is a lot of things. He's a writer for us here at B&RU, a passionate soccer head, a member of the Screaming Eagles field team, and an all-around good dude. Oh, and he's the co-founder of the DC chapter of the American Outlaws.

He's been featured in ESPN commercials for the World Cup and on capo stands for D.C. United and United States Men's National Team games. It's hard to watch a game either one of those teams plays on TV without finding Donald in (or in front of) the supporters groups.

He's now also the subject of the latest in a series of Fan Stories videos that our benevolent overlords at SB Nation have put together. And it's pretty awesome. Donald's obvious love for the game and the national team come through loud and clear.

So check out the video above and get to know our own Donald Wine II a little better.