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You helped us raise $1,000 for childhood cancer research. Now let's do something more: let's beat PoPville. For charity!

We've surpassed our fundraising goal, and now we're feeling competitive.

Thos Robinson/Getty Images

First things first: Thank you. Thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraising campaign as part of St. Baldrick's Day. Thank you to everyone who spread the word, who commented on my original post on the subject, who even just read the post. Thank you, all of you.

For those of you who missed it, this coming Sunday, March 13, at 3pm, at Boundary Stone Public House in Bloomingdale, there will be a lot of head shaving. And beer drinking. You should totally come out to it. It's all to raise money for a great charity that helps fund some of the most promising research into treating and curing childhood cancers. It also happens to be great fun.

This morning, I reached my $1,000 initial fundraising goal, and that means I've got some promises to deliver on. There will be a special springtime edition of the Hate Index later this month, and there will be a special post once I'm bald thanking everyone who donated and bestowing upon them world soccer-style nicknames.

It couldn't have happened without all of you. Which is why I'm turning to you again now.

Dan Silverman is a good guy. He's better known as the Prince of Petworth and for his site PoPville. He's also participating in the head shaving event on Sunday. As I write, he's raised just over $300 more than I have. I want to catch him. I want to beat him.

So I'm challenging Dan and his readers - and all of us here at B&RU - to a little challenge. Whichever site raises more money gets some bragging rights. And, as we all know, on the internet, there's very little that's more important than bragging rights.

I want B&RU readers and D.C. United fans in general to throw down for charity and out-raise PoPville. Will you help me? If we manage to out-raise them, I'll come up with another bonus for the B&RU community. (It will probably involve humiliating me - please submit ideas in the comments.) I really want to win, especially with the knowledge that this competition will ultimately drive more money to childhood cancer research.

So let's win for charity! And us! But mostly charity!

Click here to donate now.