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D.C. United 1-4 LA Galaxy Player Ratings

We put together numbers to names and all that.

D.C. United had come into their third competitive game after being eliminated on a 3-1 aggregate to Liga MX side Queretaro and started off decently but eventually faded against the LA Galaxy, with the 4-1 result surprisingly showing both the last 15 minute collapse of the D.C. side while showing some longer term promise in attack.

And with that, on with the ratings!

Andrew Dykstra - 4

Feel free to rebut, but I'm not hanging at least two of the goals on him (goals one and two) because of substandard marking, and as far as the PK goes, that's absolutely on him, because sticking his leg out after the shot was off made little sense. You could even make the case the last goal had bad marking and was point blank. He absolutely has to and should get better, but you're kidding yourself if you think it's all on him.

Taylor Kemp - 5.5

Led the team in interceptions, second in tackles and clearances, tied for the lead in key passes on the night. Passing accuracy could have been a bit better, but was fine on the night.

Steve Birnbaum - 6

At one point looked like he was going to come off because he was banging his head into every Galaxy player there was, but managed to hold his own on defensive actions and passing, despite looking like the Mummy for the last two-thirds of the game.

Bobby Boswell - 4.5

Led in clearances, one defensive recovery (Birnbaum had three), connected on 56% of his passes, the worst of any field player, and 7 of his 25 passes were long balls, looked slow on at least one LA attack. Hey Kofi Opare, s'up?

Sean Franklin - 6

Along with Kemp and Birnbaum, was the only player to register at least on defensive action in all the WhoScored categories (interceptions, clearances, blocked shots, fouls), led the team in tackles, tied for second in passing accuracy on the night (85.7%), had a key pass and came forward in the attack when possible. Now...stay healthy.

Chris Rolfe - 5.5

At 87%, was the team's most accurate passer on the night, though no key passes, and a shot on target that would have been nice to have in the back of the net back when the team was down 2-1. He and Franklin had to deal with Sebastian Lleget and Robbie Rogers and held their own, for the most part.

Nick DeLeon- 6

Had the most shots of anyone on the night and tied with Robbie Keane with the most shots on target of anyone on the night, tied with Franklin for second most accurate passer on the team. No key passes is a bummer, but he had a pretty good night, considering the midfield he and his teammate were up against.

Marcelo Sarvas - 5.5

A key pass, a shot, had the most passes of anyone on the night for DC (his 58 were a third more than DeLeon or Franklin) while turning in an 84.5% passing accuracy number, and chipping in 11 recoveries in his half of the field, which, after Jason's discussion of Sarvas' recoveries a couple of weeks ago, should hopefully illustrate some of what his value to the team can be. Put another way, here's the passing from DeLeon and Sarvas last night:

Now, here are Perry Kitchen and Davy Arnaud in a random game last year:

Lots more certainly in getting the ball outside to the wings or forward this year than last. If you find yourself in the 'I don't care what the results are like, so long as we play better!' crowd, start looking here.

Patrick Nyarko - 4.5

81% passing on 16 attempts, second in interceptions, 3 aerials won, and also had a shot in 45 minutes of work before leaving due to a possible concussion. When he left at the half some of the defensive responsibility seemed to leave with him, but he's got to do two things at this point: get head healthy, and get more involved offensively, and soon.

Luciano Acosta - 5.5

First MLS start, didn't have any shots, but three key passes, 78.6% passing on the night, won an aerial(!) which I'll always include an exclamation point with, accurate on both long balls, second on the team in dribbles on the night. Kid's going to be fun to watch.

Lamar Neagle - 5

Johnny on the spot goal wise, led the team in dribbles (4) and aerials won (5), was the only other starter on D.C. with more than one shot (3), and though he had a tackle and an interception, seemed to be ball watching on the cross to Mike Magee that led to his first goal. Also not a bad first MLS start for his new team.

Fabian Espindola (Sub) - 5

Held out of the lineup due to the dreaded coaches' decision, came on at the half for Nyarko, passes were a bit ragged, had a couple of shots of goal, but you can sense he's trying to figure out how to work with these new pieces around him.

Miguel Aguilar (Sub) - 5.5

Came on for Rolfe in the 72nd, had a shot on target, connected on 4 of 6 passes, looked like he had a bit of danger to him.

Julian Buescher (Sub) - 5

Came on for Acosta in the 75th, 7 of 9 passing, little else.

Man of the Match

Going with DeLeon, but there are a few long-term folks to keep an eye on.