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D.C. United 0-0 New England Revolution: the GIFs

We make animated clips for entertainment.

In between last week's nationally televised Sunday night game with the LA Galaxy and this week's scoreless draw with the New England Revolution, we've been slowly working our way back into form with GIF machines and such. I'm going to skip the Luciano Acosta 360 around Scott Caldwell because that one is well enough out there, but there were a couple of other things that caught our eye, the first of which was a fun little sequence that led to a blocked shot of Chris Rolfe's in the first half. Big ups to Marcelo Sarvas and Sean Franklin for their step ups, and to Franklin for that cross.

Miguel Aguilar came on around 83:58. He did this about 10 seconds later, and hopefully he sent flowers to Jose Goncalves after burying him, but he also came back to get to the ball before starting that run.

Lastly, we like watching Kelyn Rowe be consternated, so we'll add this to the library:

So what grabbed your attention?