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D.C. United 1-2 Columbus Crew SC: the GIFs

In which animated files are shown for your perusal.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from the goals within the game between Columbus Crew SC and D.C. United, there were some other moments that occurred during Saturday's 2-1 loss that grabbed our attention, and we grabbed them and have them here for your senses.

The first was on the first Crew goal, and Bobby Boswell's decision to essentially wipe out the center of the field caused Tyson Wahl to be marked by Sean Franklin and Ethan Finlay to be marked by Taylor Kemp.

Next was a sequence created almost entirely by Franklin, including dispossessing Tony Tchani, then Fabian Espindola took over. Perry Kitchen tried threading the needle, but it wasn't to be.

Next is the goal from Kei Kamara, and the play where Steve Birnbaum shot himself:

Next is something I saw about five minutes later. Note how Finlay beats Kitchen to the ball, and how Finlay and Federico Higuain are off to the races, immediately attacking the D.C. backline. If there was a GIF that captured how this game went, this, I think, is it:

Next is the first offside call for D.C. late in the game. As of this writing, it was called on Chris Pontius, but I think may be more accurately called on Fabian Espindola:

Finally, not a GIF but a still, one that I think might be a more accurate reflection of how Alvaro Saborio was called offside. Note the lean, something that previous stills don't include. I know, I know, the ball has already left, just putting it out there, for what it's worth.