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D.C. United 6-4 Real Salt Lake: The Game in GIFs

Some moments that mattered in animated, consumable hors d'oeuvres.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The 6-4 win that D.C. United had over Real Salt Lake was crazy. It was drunk. It has been hydrating and drinking pickle juice since Saturday night, it got that drunk. Nevertheless, we are going to avoid showing two of the goals in question, in part because they're on the site already. So if you want to see Taylor Kemp's strike, go here, and if you want to check out a nice look at Nick DeLeon's curling left-footer, go here.

Now that those are out of the way, let's get to looking at things, starting with Joao Plata's goal, and Perry Kitchen's marking of same:

RSL first goal vs. DC United

Next is ten minutes later, when Kitchen runs into Baldomero Toledo, but loses possession and marking after the play was past him was a little wonting:

Kitchen turnover

Now for the D.C. goal before halftime from Chris Rolfe. I kept this as big as possible to illustrate Davy Arnaud's place in this possession and seeing what promise of seeing more things like this.

Rolfe goal

Fast forwarding to the second half, and this jersey tug by Devon Sandoval on Bobby Boswell that everyone with an 801 area code seems to think is fake:

RSL jersey tug

Next is the Abdoulie Mansally goal that tied things up at 4. Aside from the question of "Why in the wild world of sports is Chris Korb so central?", Javier Morales' pass on this could bring a grown man to tear up.

Mansally goal

Finally, the game winner from Perry Kitchen. D.C. was doing short corners a chunk of the night, and this one burned RSL. And if there was an offside complaint, I'm not seeing it:

Kitchen goal

Now that that's over, let's never do THAT again.