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D.C. United 6-4 Real Salt Lake: Player Ratings

We place numbers to field performances, and want to know what yours are.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly it is a tiny bit difficult to figure out just how to give ratings to a ten-goal game, but with D.C. United's 6-4 win over Real Salt Lake, we'll do our best to figure it out. So let's get to ratin'!

Andrew Dykstra - 5.5

Could have been better on the first goal, but not putting him exclusively at fault on the others. Couldn't stop a golazo, a top shelf hard angle one and a header that was essentially unmarked. And it was his point blank stop after the Plata goal that very easily could have kept the team down, and had a similar nice save in the second half on Kyle Beckerman in the midst of the madness.

Taylor Kemp - 7

An assist to Kitchen on the game-winner, did karate and got a whole bunch of people pregnant with that goal. Passing better, perhaps he read something. Also, had more space to work with once Sebastian Jaime was subbed off (pleasantly early, I may say), but defense, and this will be something that gets repeated among the next couple of discussions, needs to be better.

Steve Birnbaum - 4

Despite winning his aerials, got bossed by Aaron Maund on the second half header, was the least accurate passer on the night, slipped early on in the first that could have been trouble. He and his center back pal (and the keeper) need to look at some film hard this week.

Bobby Boswell - 4.5

Drew the penalty on Devon Sandoval (and it WAS a penalty, just as it's been a penalty in this League for two years now, RSL folks), led the team in clearances, tied for second in interceptions with a couple of back line teammates. Just as scoring goals in multiples of three for this team isn't sustainable, giving up goals in multiples of two isn't, but should be rectified post haste.

Chris Korb - 6.5

Here's how nuts this game was: Chris Korb had three shots last night. He had 4 in 2014, and 5 coming into last night, including on his left foot(!) Positioning on the Abdoulie Mansally goal was interesting. Maybe with Sean Franklin getting closer to full fitness, Korb thinks the spot won't be given up without a fight, and his last couple of weeks would hint towards that.

Chris Rolfe - 8

Perhaps his best game on both sides of the midfield stripe in recent memory, second on the team in tackles (behind the next guy we'll talk about), led the team in shots, and had two goals, including the one near the end of the first half that gave the team some momentum into halftime. Of note on that goal, shoulda been All-Star Rolfe taking the ball from All-Star Tony Beltran on that sequence. Also had a nice cross of sorts with the outside of his right foot near the goal line that eventually led to the Kemp goal. A monster all around. One more note (h/t to Jeff Crandall), has more goals and 50% more shots this year than he did last year with D.C. in the same general amount of time.

Perry Kitchen - 5.5

Passing remains good, scored the game winning goal, but spaced out on the marking that led to the Joao Plata goal, and his first half sequence where he lost the ball to Beckerman and Luke Mulholland almost resulted in the second goal, until the ACTUAL second goal, where he put himself in no man's land on Beckerman's blast.

Davy Arnaud - 6

Passing was worse than Kitchen, and also didn't get a goal (may have been the only guy that didn't), but got a little more forward in the second half and the team got more dangerous. To wit, his pass to Rolfe on the left which led to the first goal. Not saying that a forward-playing Davy Arnaud is going to lead to that type of offensive outburst, but they were giving up a bunch of room early on and the team was on their heels as a whole.

Nick DeLeon - 7.5

Had a humdinger of his own, but also remained a threat offensively and incorporated his teammates to boot (wit his setting up of a Korb shot that went wide), and connected on all six of his long balls en route to a 85% pass completion percentage. Appears to quietly loving the re-introduction of Espindola and introduction of Saborio into the lineup.

Fabian Espindola - 7

Led the team in key passes, scored (at the time) the go-ahead goal from Saborio's rebound, his short corner to Kemp to Kitchen's head was the last go-ahead goal, did some defensive hustle, and really liked a play where it looked like he was going to get a cross on in the second half despite Luis Gil and another RSL being draped all over him.

Alvaro Saborio - 7

Four shots, all on goal, including the one Espindola poked in. With Espindola, helped force Jeff Attinella to make a dangerous decision on occasion, still impressing his new mates, almost scored off a first half cross against his former team, which in D.C. has become kind of a thing.


Conor Doyle - 5.5

Came on for Rolfe in the 78th, won an aerial, completed a long ball. Decent.

Jairo Arrieta - 5

Came on for Saborio in the 82nd, three touches, including two completed passes. Helped keep the RSL backline honest.

Man of the Match:

Chris Rolfe by an organically washed hair over DeLeon.