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D.C. United 0-2 San Jose Earthquakes: Player Ratings

It's that thing were we place numbers to names and you can do your own as well.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United went into Saturday's game with the San Jose Earthquakes having to feel a little good, after having 9 days of rest (more depending on the player) and taking a second choice squad to Panama and winning arguably their toughest CONCACAF Champions League game of their group. But the same refrain that killed them before, killed them again, losing 2-0 to the soccer team by the airport.

So let's arbitrarily examine the players with numeric grades!

Andrew Dykstra - 4.5

A couple of freak bounces on the goals, didn't make the best from the first, and Quincy Amarikwa may have had Dykstra lean his way on the second goal. Still, two shots on target, neither of which were saved, isn't the best look.

Taylor Kemp - 5.5

Passing wasn't bad on the night (81%, including 9 of 13 long balls), even led the team in key passes (4), which was more than the Quakes had total (3). Also got the good behavior incentive by not drawing a yellow. The team may have disappointed but he wasn't bad on the night.

Kofi Opare - 4.5

Led the team in tackles and clearances on the night, but screened Dykstra a bit on the first goal, and was late to step up to (and got caught standing still by) Amarikwa in the moments leading to the second. The only field player to play 90 midweek at Panama and it showed early and often. Steve Birnbaum's dead leg Wednesday did not help matters, though it does make the question of who plays center back these next two games intriguing.

Bobby Boswell - 5

Led in interceptions and one behind Opare for clearances, though was a bit out of sorts on the first goal, and got taken out of the play a little on the second. With an important game coming Sunday, he better have whomever his CB partner will be down pat.

Sean Franklin - 5.5

His first start at his natural position in two and a half months, was the most accurate passer on the team, had the most touches to boot. Left the right side exposed for Shea Salinas to get the ball in for the second goal, but otherwise, good to have him back.

Conor Doyle - 3.5

Was the only starter that played more than 45 minutes who didn't register a shot on goal, and what in the fresh hell was he doing taking corner kicks? Is this what we've come to as a society? Also, tucked in centrally far too often for anyone's rational preference, and was the least accurate passer on the team not named Andrew Dykstra. Back to the bench with ye.

Perry Kitchen - 5.5

Might have learned something from Markus Halsti in Yankee stadium, as his passing remained accurate while being long in finding his flanks, even had a key pass to boot. Good old Kitch.

Davy Arnaud - 6

Second best on the team in passing accuracy and in key passes, and his 4 shots in 90 minutes represents has many shots as he's taken in his past 11(!) starts. I know it's impossible to give him 2 weeks rest in the middle of the season often, but he sure had some spring in his step.

Chris Rolfe - 5

Passing was underwhelming, though managed to tie Arnaud for second in shots taken and shots on goal, but wasn't much of a presence for most of the night on offense, perhaps bizarrely shouldn't have started where he did.

Michael Farfan - 4.5

Passing was OK, but really should not have been playing where he played. This, from Thomas Floyd, pretty much sums his night up:

See you on Tuesday, Marfan.

Alvaro Saborio - 5

Led the team in shots and shots on goal, stayed mostly in the attacking half of the field and was decent despite having to go against Clarence Goodson and Victor Bernardez all night.


Nick DeLeon - 5

Came on for Farfan at the half and was fine if unremarkable despite his lone shot on target, and hopefully (more importantly) didn't re-tweak anything.

Chris Pontius - 5

Come on for Doyle in the 71st, 10 touches, 7 of 10 passing, including a key pass. Considering he started midweek, I'd have to imagine he might be in consideration for Sunday instead.

Jairo Arrieta - 5.5

Came on for Rolfe in the 75th, two fouls committed, three suffered, had a tackle and an interception two go with two key passes.

Man of the Match:

Going with Franklin for the work in back and front, though the pickings in this category were slim.