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D.C. United 1-3 New York City FC: The GIFs

Animated moments that mattered for consumption.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United started strong against New York City FC, but ultimately faded fast, losing 3-1 and seeing their Eastern Conference lead tighten ever so slightly.

With that, on to the moments that mattered. Thanks to a baseball stadium, you'll see why some of the angles are the way they are I guess.

We'll start with Conor Doyle, skipping over his heavy touch on the breakaway on Josh Saunders that should have been a goal, and move ahead to his pullback following a nice interception from Perry Kitchen and touch from Chris Rolfe to spring him. Note Alvaro Saborio's reaction:

Moving ahead to the goal, and Rolfe's anticipation to get to the NYCFC defense first was nice:

Minutes later, the Bobby Boswell goalmouth save. I'll note Perry Kitchen's run from midfield to the box to get to Kwadwo Poku while ignoring the end result:

Moving forward to the second half and the first NYCFC goal, along with Markus Halsti losing Thomas McNamara (who, it should be noted was calling for the pass for a second or two before appearing in frame), that David Villa pass is nuts:

Moving further ahead to the game-winner from Poku, starting with the turnover, ending with a crazy goal and pass:

And finally goal three, and Bobby Boswell looking...not good.