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D.C. United 0-1 Seattle Sounders: Player Ratings

We score D.C.'s Friday night effort.

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Before the game with the Seattle Sounders was a half hour old, D.C. United found themselves without their starting forwards due to injury and suspension. They hung on for as long as they could, but ultimately a late golazo wound up being the difference as they lost to Seattle in a 1-0 heartbreaker. And with that, let's score the boys in Black and Red, yes?

Andrew Dykstra - 7

Handled himself in the box well, four saves and two punches, and the goal was one that Bill Hamid wouldn't have gotten to. Solid effort all around for the backup.

Taylor Kemp - 6.5

Free kicks were pretty good, passing wise was a slight wreck, and his defense wasn't bad, at least if we're comparing it to his mean at least.

Steve Birnbaum - 7.5

Led the team in interceptions, passing was good, 50/50 ball eventually resulted in Stefan Frei leaving due to a shoulder injury. Some solid performances since the Chicago game, so maybe Birdbomb back.

Bobby Boswell - 7.5

Led the team in clearances, he and Birnbaum were generally excellent on the night and he organized the back how he could considering how much under attack the team was on the night.

Chris Korb - 6.5

Led the team in key passes, which...yeah. Better passer on the night than Kemp, though wasn't chucking them down field as often or as unsuccessfully.

Chris Rolfe - 6

Led the team in passing accuracy, had a nice shot that would have been better if Chad Marshall had been properly called for any of the fouls that occurred on the possession. But otherwise a quiet night, because 10 men and such.

Perry Kitchen - 6

The only one on the night to have at least one defensive action on the Whoscored page (fouls, tackles, blocked shots, interceptions, clearances), passing was OK, drew a yellow for handbags with Ozzie Alonso in the 78th.

Davy Arnaud - 5

The all-time leader in fouls suffered could add five more to his total, leading everyone on the night, drew a yellow from Lamar Neagle late. Down day passing wise, though was primarily trying to hold the fort.

Nick DeLeon - 6

Led the team in shots which says something, depending on your perspective. Pinged a late shot off the bar, generally when he had the ball he was decent and unspectacular.

Luis Silva - Inc.

Did not do much before having to leave in the fifth minute due to groin tightness. Of the last 26 games D.C. has played, missed 12 to injury, and had to be subbed off twice in the last 7 games for injury. Luis Silva turns 27 in three months. Luis Silva, meet Chris Pontius. You guys will get along well in the club of unreliable assets.

Fabian Espindola - 3.5

We're going to talk in more detail about Fabi in a little bit, and we can debate what foul should have warranted what card until the cows come home. But to continue with the thought in last comment, you rely on your Designated Player to be on the field and creating chances, and not be sent off and/or suspended for conducted during games. But this is a problem, and it needs to be addressed.

Conor Doyle (Sub) - 5.5

Came on for Silva in the 6th and took over at left midfielder, so Rolfe could move up. Had a left footed shot in the area that Cristian Roldan blocked, earned a yellow for fouling Neagle outside the area in the second half which yeah, sure, OK I guess. Passing OK compared to the team, fouled the most on the night, tied for key passes with Arnaud. Tried to gum up the green works as much as he could, problem solved I guess.

Jairo Arrieta (Sub) - 5

Came on for Rolfe in the 73rd, had an open look from outside the box he sent over the bar. Didn't go offside Friday so...progress!

Miguel Aguilar (Sub) - 5

Came on for Doyle in the 89th, almost had a chance to level late, though a quick whistle and not playing advantage solved that. As expected considering time and position.

Man of the Match

We'll go Stobby Birnwell for a cop-out vote.