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D.C. United 3-2 Philadelphia Union: Player Ratings

In which we provide numbered scores to player performances, and wonder what yours are.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The first third of D.C. United's game with the Philadelphia Union found the Black and Red not only behind the eight ball with two goals in four minutes, but a penalty kick from D.C. that Charlie Adam could have been proud of went over the bar to boot. D.C. did ratchet things down, got some help from their newest addition and won 3-2 on come from behind circumstances.

With that, let the ratings begin!

Andrew Dykstra - 5

Defensive failings on the first goal, may have had his view obscured on the second. Also found himself on a failed position that, if Sebastien Le Toux didn't sky, could have been a third one. Facing a team with slightly more dangerous weapons, it could have been a much more foretold result. Needs to be better.

Taylor Kemp - 5.5

Passing was worst on the team, which is something he's kind of supposed to be decent at. Compensated a little with decent defense, leading the team in tackles and handled most of what was thrown at him with some modicum of aplomb, with at least one defensive action in all categories last night.

Steve Birnbaum - 5

Went back and forth on this, because those goals he was at the center of were...something especially considering his last month or so. And if you want to ding him for them more, go right ahead, but if you do it without noting his shrugging it off and wound up with solid passing numbers (had the most of them on the night) and defensive work (led the team in interceptions) following those, you're being disingenuous.

Bobby Boswell - 6.5

Tried to help when Birnbaum got felled but such is life, but generally did everything Birnbaum did just better.

Chris Korb - 8

Like the team cinched things down after the second goal, though it should be noted his pass led to the turnover and eventually the first Philly goal, and could have been better on the second. But hey, first multi-assist game as a pro? Good on ya Korb-y.

Chris Rolfe - 6

Three key passes on the night (tied for team lead), passing accuracy good, a shot on target, and a nice spell of possession in the second half fending off (I think) Raymon Gaddis and earning a standing ovation by some folks on the quiet side. Interesting action map from him, as he was a little deeper than usual, perhaps trying to help out Arnaud, or perhaps trying to figure out how to relate to our new 9. TBD.

Perry Kitchen - 6.5

45 of 46 passes, kept things out of the middle as much as he good, seemed to lack a slight nastiness to his game, maybe because he's riding an accumulation suspension, or because he and Arnaud were in the same field most of the time. Otherwise the usual good work from the lad.

Davy Arnaud - 5.5

Drew the PK which, in retrospect, may not have been a good thing. But was fine passing on the night, and defensively worked with Kitchen well. Meh.

Nick DeLeon - 7

Scored his first goal in more than a year, but in the 66 minutes before that, was overlapping with Espindola well and may have been the bet player in the first half. Hopefully the dam has broken with this kid.

Fabian Espindola - 7

Led the team in shots, scored the game-winning goal, did another weird thing on a penalty kick (can we write Rolfe's name on the board please, Ben?), had almost as many crosses on his own (18) as the Union did (22). Also felt like he was trying to get rhythm back with his pal from Real Salt Lake. Optimistic for these chances.

Alvaro Saborio - 7

Scored the first goal (because newly acquired D.C. United midseason players show up on the score sheet), second in shots, and all this on two days of training. You could see the missed connections early, but they improved a little, and will/should get better.


Miguel Aguilar - 5

Came on for Rolfe, didn't have a lot to do, wasn't overly notable either way.

Jairo Arrieta - 5

Came on for Saborio in the 81st, credited with a key pass and an offside, bringing him up to 31, retaining his league lead in the dubious category (Saborio is 3rd in the Lig at 21, and has only played 45 more minutes than Jairo).

Conor Doyle - 5.5

Came on for Espindola in stoppage, helped kill the game off, which is something he is best suited for these days.

Man of the Match:

Chris Korb? Chris Korb.