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D.C. United 1-2 FC Dallas: The GIFs

Hey, look at this return!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So D.C. United has been on national TV a bunch recently, so in between a bye week, said national TV appearances (and blackouts) and a new laptop that I'm still playing with, GIFs are back, but a little experimental format wise. So, here is D.C.'s loss to FC Dallas in small animate file formats for your dancing and drinking pleasure.

The first is the save made Andrew Dykstra made on Mauro Diaz, who was superb all night. Dykstra was up to the task on Diaz' wonderful shot:

Next up is Fabian Castillo and his speed going by Bobby Boswell. Note Chris Korb having to cover Diaz which is why this matchup both occurred and was less than optimal.

Say what you will about the end result, but I kinda dug Perry Kitchen's pass to Taylor Kemp here:

More of the Mauro Diaz show, this time Conor Doyle and Jairo Arrieta are witnesses.

Moving ahead to the D.C. goal, and some nice passing here from Kitchen, Arrieta and Chris Rolfe in a rare touch:

Facundo Coria's been on for five minutes, he's in stoppage time of a tie game, and he decides to try and start a counter for a goal, and muffs it, which results seconds later in the Dallas game winner. RIP Facundo Coria.

Patience and forgiveness as I get the hang of this thing.