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D.C. United 1-0 Chicago Fire: Player Ratings

We examine the Black and Red on the short week

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
D.C. United headed to Bridgeview to play the Chicago Fire who were banged up in their own right. Playing a B squad of sorts, the Black and Red struggled at points, but still managed to...extinguish the Fire on what should be a Goal of the Week nominee. So let's look at the squad that showed Wednesday night, shall we?

Bill Hamid - 6.5

Didn't have a lot to do. Even the one that could have fooled him in the first half, he got a hand on. About as good as you'd hope.

Luke Mishu - 5

I'm going to presume conditioning-wise, he may be in better sorts than Jalen Robinson, and than Robinson will improve with regular run at Richmond. But this sort of would be a game that Robinson on an outside back position would be an intriguing proposition in. Another discussion for another time I guess. But Mishu in this spot start (one he might see again this weekend with a midweek Open Cup game looming) was fine.

Kofi Opare - 6

His first MLS start in a couple of weeks, but did fine, save for a clunky moment in back where he was in the way of a Mishu clearance. It's not that the defense may get marked low because they stunk, they just did not have a lot to do, so be prepared.

Bobby Boswell - 6.5

He didn't get the chance to make fun of our own Steven Streff tonight, and his header on net forced Sean Johnson to do some work. But was also a rock in defense again, even if (say it with me) they didn't have a lot to do. Also sorta had the assist on the goal, or so we'll tell ourselves. #WhiteRonaldo

Steve Birnbaum - 6.5

Right back Steve Birnbaum played fine, spent time in back while the (surprisingly speedy) Mishu made runs when available. Yeoman's work sir, particularly against Harrison Shipp.

Miguel Aguilar - 5

Served more of a defensive role tonight playing in front of Birdbomb (tm) and had a couple of shaky moments. Did not do much offensively of memory, shot on goal aside.

Markus Halsti - 6

OK, so we didn't get Halsti/Perry Kitchen, the sequel, but made few mistakes on the ball, passing was generally on target with Davy Arnaud, played a little deeper than Arnaud normally does as well. Defensively also led the team in interceptions on the night. Solid work.

Luis Silva - 5.5

More of a central midfield role than he's accustomed to with D.C. and led the team in passing accuracy and key passes, but seemed to get a little clunky with those expected to connect with. Though he went 70, was slow to get up from a knock in the second half, which I hope doesn't put him out for any period of time.

Conor Doyle - 6.5

Had the goal, passing was decent, helped out in back, had a couple of nice combination plays. If you think this may be a lifetime achievement award, you'd be right: In Doyle's last seven days, he's played 252 minutes, 120 of those on turf, and 52 more of those in 90+ degree weather. So let's stop the whole "Doyle's the new (worst player in DC history)" for a moment, OK?

Jairo Arrieta - 5.5

Decent shot on an opportunity that, frankly, he should have done a little better with. Three offside calls and four fouls committed tied and led either team, respectively. Passing was decent, but pretty much a night in the life of Yaro.

Facundo Coria - 5

Passing accuracy was worst of the team, had a nice shot in the first half, a little less so later on, but still working through some things in the League perhaps, as was missing connections a little with Arrieta and Silva.

Nick DeLeon (Sub) - 5.5

Came on for Coria in the 63rd and played a bit more defensively, or at least showed up more on the defensive side of the sheet than anything. Not bad or anything, provided something different that Coria couldn't.

Fabian Espindola (Sub) - 6

Came on for Silva in the 70th and became an immediate threat to the Fire defense in the time he was out there, sent the free kick in that would eventually become the goal. Saving things for Saturday, presumably.

Perry Kitchen (Sub) - 5

Came on for Doyle in the 79th, was supposed to not let things through, generally did that.

Man of the Match

Doyle, because there was really no other choice.