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New FIFA 16 trailer may hint at increased MLS inclusion

May there be a bit of flair for MLS in Year 20?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While there are devotees of the Pro Evolution Soccer and Football Manager franchises, EA Sports seems to have the market cornered in terms of eyes and/or interested parties. Previously they had unveiled that women's national teams would be available for FIFA 16, and in their gameplay trailer, released at E3 (the Entertainment and Electronic Expo), they have a rendered Century Link Field, home of Major League Soccer's Seattle Sounders. One would hope this means that some more care and attention is paid to Major League Soccer. As is, the All-Star teams and game balls are available as downloadable content, and they quietly added Orlando City and New York City FC to the team list after the expansion draft, and included the new team patches on jerseys in an update as well.

Obligatory enhancements have been made to the game's AI, to include passing, defense and tackling.

The game comes out in September, but the trailer is below for your mindgrapes:

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