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D.C. United 2-1 Philadelphia Union: The GIFs

Animated moments of various interest levels.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United continues to maintain the fortress at RFK after dispatching the Philadelphia Union in an occasionally uncomfortable 2-1 win. So what better way to relive it than by looking at some moments that mattered, right? Oh, and if you want to look at Chris Rolfe PK, go somewhere else and make your own GIF. This is for the masochists! Also and in addition, I've broken out the possible Rolfe DisCo matter in a separate post, so feel free to check that out.

We kick off things with whatever Steve Birnbaum was doing to get dispossessed so quickly and easily. Taylor Kemp seemed to abandon his assignment, but get in the way of the shot somehow I guess.

Moving ahead a few minutes to Maurice Edu's foul on Davy Arnaud in the box, having a better angle or two on it looks a tad softer than in real time.

Moving ahead to the Chris Pontius goal, I'm including the pass before Taylor Kemp's cross. You know, for the kids:

This next one is a matter of confirmation bias. Is this on Kemp for not playing it back to Bill Hamid for a booming kick, or on Perry Kitchen for weighting the back pass too heavily?

Pontius returns on the call that Philly wanted a red for on DOGSO presumably:

One last one for levity, with Bobby Boswell returning as #WhiteRonaldo. Lookit him calling for a cross from Chris Korb, it's so adorable: