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Is a new logo for D.C. United coming as early as next season?

A new logo for D.C. United is coming, and could be as early as 2016.

D.C. United has one of the oldest logos in MLS, having used the current eagle since 1998; only the New England Revolution have used their logo for a longer period of time, and their crayon flag leaves something to be desired. Rumors of a possible change to elements of United's brand have been with us ever since the new ownership group took over, and we even talked about it in 2012 and again this year. However, it looks like these rumors have finally come to a head.

Obviously, we have no idea what a new logo might look like except for Pablo Maurer's suggestion that it will have "more DC" in it. That could mean more elements of the D.C. flag, it could mean one of D.C.'s distinctive buildings, or it could mean something else completely. Also, we don't know whether it will just be the logo that changes or if it will be other things as well. However, this combined with the fact that the team has been collaborating with DC Vote on a primary jersey design for next season might mean that there are a number of changes coming.

What would you want to see in a new D.C. United logo? What wouldn't you want to see?