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D.C. United 2-0 Columbus Crew: The GIFs

Moments in small consumable internet moments you (or we) like.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that could have proven to be difficult, ultimately the result was surprisingly one sided as D.C. United defeated Columbus Crew SC 2-0 to maintain their lead in the Eastern Conference, tied with the New England Revolution but with a game in hand. Now, the moments that mattered.

First was the first goal and wow, Chris Rolfe and Fabian Espindola countering on the Crew quicker than you can say bro selfie in an RFK bathroom. And also, Rolfe for pass of the week:

Next is the second goal of the half, and whomever decided to forget about marking Sean Franklin will get called out accordingly Monday.

A less successful counter, but just as quick and looked potentially dangerous at the time. Also, nice starting ball from Bill Hamid:

Here is a brief glimpse of Fabi and Luis Silva on the field and the promise that brings:

And one last one that I'll call Designated Player Tantruming on both sides of the field, Federico Higuain complaining that he should have drawn a penalty kick, Fabi complaining about a pass behind him. One of these tantrums was justified. And also had a scoring chance from it by the way.