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D.C. United 1-1 New England Revolution: Player Ratings

In which we return and wonder how far off the sights were.

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Any time a Jay Heaps-coached team and a Ben Olsen-coached team get together the result can generally be a bunch of things, and Saturday night was one of those things. On a night were one team finished with 9 men and the other had a full 11, the result, a 1-1 draw between D.C. United and the New England Revolution, felt like one that people wanted to wash their hands of quickly, including those who played in it. With that, let's do that rating thing!

Bill Hamid - 6

Made a great stop on the header from Juan Agudelo, couldn't really have done anything with the rebound that Charlie Davies scored. The defense that abandoned him on the goal stood up to task when in their back end.

Chris Korb - 4

Passing was decent, crossing was non-existent, defense OK. Subbed out for more of an offensive spark so in a way, we got to see how Ben Olsen is examining the usage of the left back position I guess.

Bobby Boswell - 5.5

A little slow on the defensive draw this week (had Jermaine Jones go around him late which wasn't encouraging) but remained fairly solid, and was the pass back into the New England half that resulted in the tying goal on the night. Does he maybe get the night off Wednesday to rest his weary bones or...?

Kofi Opare - 7

Led the team in tackles, clearances, blocked shots, interceptions, was pretty much all over the place Saturday night. Had his guy marked on the goal too. You think Bruce Arena is sitting in a darkened room, turning on and off a light switch while a crudely photoshopped poster of Sacha Kljestan in a Galaxy jersey just randomly happens?

Sean Franklin - 4.5

Decent defensively, passing excellent, could not cross to save his life, which dragged down his numbers a tad. Gradually got thrown off the spot for set piece kick taking, proving that there may be a God somewhere.

Michael Farfan - 5

Decent passing accuracy, though had to go out after 38 minutes due to a suspected hamstring. It'll be curious to see a) when he gets back and b) what his place is on the depth chart at that point.

Perry Kitchen - 5.5

Another solid night when it came to defensive play (had to mark two Revs players on the goal), and while his passing was good yet again, his offensive skillz overall were a tad rusty. Could have finished the game late but lost the ball. Spent a chunk of his night around Nguyen and Jones and like the next guy I'll discuss, did decently.

Davy Arnaud -5.5

The all-time leader in fouls suffered took Lee Nguyen's elbow to the noggin which hey, see you later Lee. But led the team in passing accuracy, and was integral in the buildup that led to the goal, pretty focused on the field this week. A bit scatterbrained on the goal though. Am going to presume with the cross country travel to two different turf surfaces that he may have a breather ahead of next week's game with the Union, but Davy's a bit of a bulldog.

Chris Pontius - 4

Stayed on the left pretty exclusively, wore Chris Tierney's studs on his knee on a foul that Jay Heaps says was not a red card. Took a beating most of the night, and the result shots on goal? Hopefully he can take a breather this week at some point.

Chris Rolfe - 4.5

Second on the team on the night in passing accuracy, led the team in shots, but overall seemed to not have much of an impact, played mainly on the right with moments in the middle. Was a misfire, but not a disappointment.

Conor Doyle - 3.5

Weird, Doyle was listed as a forward, but his heat map and touches smell more the "box to box forward type" that few are craving. I know that everyone has got to get some run sometime, but jeez.

Jairo Arrieta (Sub) - 5

Came on for Farfan, scored the game tying goal on the only shot on goal for the team on the night. Two more offside calls on him, bringing his League-Leading total to 22, six ahead of Alvaro Saborio, Bradley Wright-Phillips and Gabriel Torres. Interesting optics exercise: on May 25, Arrieta has 22 offside calls and 3 goals on 613 minutes. Leonard Pajoy had 23 offside calls and 2 goals in 1130 minutes in 2013 total.

Taylor Kemp (Sub) - 5.5

Came on for Korb in the 65th, assisted on Arrieta's goal. In 25 minutes delivered eight crosses, which led the team. Passing accuracy good, better than Korb, didn't have a lot to do defensively. Did what Olsen presumably told him to do. Curious to see what becomes of him in future games.

Facundo Coria (Sub) - 6.5

Came on for Doyle in the 75th, delivered the pass to Kemp that eventually brought the goal, had a chance late that unfortunately fizzled. Played sort of an mirror opposite role to Espindola on the field; out to the left, and slightly advanced. Guessing the coaches are figuring out what to do with him still, but could not ask for much more in his debut.

Man of the Match

Opare, though Coria makes it awful hard to not notice.