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D.C. United 2-1 Orlando City SC: Player Ratings

We try to put together numbers to names and the Great Bantini abounds.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United stole a game from Orlando City SC last month in the throes of the end, and found themselves trailing at the half at RFK for one seemed like a fortnight. They had a drab first half but rallied in the second to win 2-1 and regain sole possession of first not just in the Eastern Conference, but the whole of Major League Soccer. For a couple of nights at least.

Bill Hamid - 6.5

The camera from the net showed how the Cyle Larin shot seemed to come out of nowhere, and there was little he could do with it. On the other stuff, cool as you'd like, to borrow from Adrian Healy.

Taylor Kemp - 6

I had a half-discussion with a friend about differences between Korb and Kemp and I'm of the mind that Kemp is a bit further forward a player and crosses get deeper (or at least more on target) and Korb plays a little further back. Korb crosses half as much as Kemp but his passing is better. My world is upside down. At least there's capable left-footed service on set pieces? Seriously though, passing was decent, crosses were a little off, but it was his first match in almost a month.

Bobby Boswell - 7

Seemed to be a slight miscommunication between he and Kemp on the goal, but otherwise was quietly solid in back, and considering some of the attacking players, did well.

Kofi Opare - 7.5

Shared the lead in aerial duels won, led the team in passing accuracy for the night, headed in the first goal, maybe a touch out of position on the Orlando goal, but it kind of a cluster to begin with. Might have been his best night yet in Lig play for D.C.

Sean Franklin - 5.5

Passing was better, crossing was...better. Quickly looking compared to Saturday, seemed to be more of a defensive position, understandable considering Brek Shea was hanging out on the left.

Michael Farfan - 4

Remember that time when Michael Farfan did damn well against the Vancouver Whitecaps and the future was bright? Wha happened? Spent his time on the left early before switching to the right (as Taylor Twellman noted on TV) and had a little more success, but when there appeared to be the chance you were coming off at halftime, you might not have had a good night.

Perry Kitchen - 7.5

Led the team in tackles, second in clearances, a near 90% passing accuracy night, putting him second behind Opare. There was also a sequence in the second half where he bossed Kaka off the ball that looked kinda pretty, but don't want to get folks in trouble for the NSFW nature of it.

Davy Arnaud - 5.5

Pretty much similar to Saturday, though apparently is getting credit for a second assist on the Rolfe goal, so...go old man.

Nick DeLeon - 5

Passing was OK, which isn't new, didn't do that much getting into the attacking third, which also isn't new. Fairly average Nick DeLeon night I thought, or can someone quantify what Taylor Twellman said?

Chris Pontius - 5.5

Better chances in terms of connecting to teammates, and actually had the most shots among the starters which admittedly, wasn't saying much. Not sure how close Fabian Espindola is to coming back, but rumors of Chris Pontius' demise get a little closer to being premature.

Luis Silva - 4.5

Found himself losing the ball more often than not, couldn't connect with his teammates, and the guy who replaced him took more shots on goal in 36 minutes than he did in 54. He may have been ready to start, but for his first one in 7 months, it sure looked every bit of it tonight.

Chris Rolfe (Sub) - 7

Came on for Silva in the 54th. What is it about Chris Rolfe stretching out to shoot at Orlando City? Here's last month:

And here's last night:

Easily the most impactful among three solid substitutions from Ben Olsen.

Miguel Aguilar (Sub) - 6

Came on for Farfan in the 66th and provided energy similar to last week, but with a little more danger than last week against Sporting Kansas City. Considering the calendar, does he get the onfield team pic in the future?

Jairo Arrieta (Sub) - 5.5

Came on for DeLeon in the 77th, provided the assist to Rolfe's game-winner. Offside twice in thirteen minutes brings him up to 12 (once every 42 minutes) and retakes the lead in MLS. Hooray!

Man of the Match

Got damn, I love Perry Kitchen, but I'll give it to Rolfe, and toss another log on the #RolfeForAllStar campaign, with an honorable mention to Opare.