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D.C. United, Sunderland Finish Each Others' Sandwiches

The partner clubs team up for a swap of assets for one night only.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

D.C. United and Sunderland have been working around the possibilities of using their partnership last August for a variety of things, and representatives from both clubs have visited the other to learn more about facilities, strategies and the like.

Now comes word that the clubs will swap a couple of concession items ahead of their respective games this weekend. At RFK against the New York Red Bulls, patrons will get a chance to buy a steak and ale pie, while folks at Sunderland's match with Crystal Palace will get to check out a Torn Beef Baguette, "topped with hot cheese, grilled peppers and onions," sounding an awful lot like a Philly Cheesesteak if we're honest. Both stadia will get a chance to display fries with their more appropriate condiment. Beef gravy with fries at RFK, and Sunderland gets Old Bay sprinkled chips.

Now the partnership between the two does bode some promising things, but did nobody from those involved with the sales of food at either product consider the possibility of half smokes at Sunderland, or even the (rightly) much-beloved pupusa stand? I mean frankly, it would have been nice to watch a webcam of the folks in Tyne and Wear work their way around such things. And we apologize in advance to SBN partner club blog/fine pals at Roker Report as this definitely is not the best representation of food from your partners in D.C. And God knows it could be worse, like food from Fat Ammy's.

In the meantime, walk before you run I guess.