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D.C. United 1-0 Orlando City SC: Player Ratings

We show ours, your show yours, and we chat them up.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the game with Orlando City SC, D.C. United had some attacking options on the bench even if their defensive options were a bit thin. And their last attacking option of the night in Luis Silva provided the touch needed to grab three points and head home as Eastern Conference leaders once again. So let's rate 'em!

Bill Hamid - 10

2nd in Major League Soccer in saves, tied for 3rd in Goals Against Average, has 7 shutouts in his last thirteen league matches. Basically picking up where he left off. Hey D.C. United:

Taylor Kemp - 6

Regressed to the mean after last week's performance. Also had some issues in his own end. When he did play forward the results were decent but nothing huge.

Bobby Boswell - 7

Good Bobby stuck around this week, kept things simple. He and Hamid channeled 2014 in that when there was a shot Hamid had to face, he got a chance to do what he needed to do. That's a testament to Boswell (and the next guy) as much as anything.

Kofi Opare - 7

His first league start for D.C., and was solid and quiet in back with Boswell. Shamed Pedro Ribeiro into picking up a hamstring knock, or so I'll say. Had his hands full with Kevin Molino but ultimately, clean sheet is clean sheet.

Sean Franklin - 6.5

A little set back in his half in the field than last week, had a couple of brainfarts in his own half (nothing lethal), and also sent that sitter in the box to Cocoa Beach. Bent, not broken, considering he and Kemp had the bulk of the workload.

Chris Rolfe - 6.5

Most of the time was on the left, but floated into the middle and paired with Arrieta nicely. Even had this which would have been real pretty:

Davy Arnaud - 6.5

Another solid game from the vet who spent most of his time more forward and had solid distribution and defense when it was called upon, save for the...interesting foul on Kaka that led to the only yellow for the team.

Perry Kitchen - 6

He got some grief for this:

but I thought it appeared he was awaiting some support for Arnaud that decided to check up. Found himself more in back than usual, presumably to support the back against the attack, but seemed OK to me.

Nick DeLeon - 6.5

Had to come off at the half, but in the 45 he had he was fine, helping out and playing a little further back than usual to deal with Kaka and the speedsters, not much of a surprise considering. Still making National team left backs look foolish though:

Chris Pontius - 6.5

A Brek Shea clearance away from scoring a goal in his second straight game, settled for leading the team in shots and being the decoy on the set piece goal. In between the previous Saturday and last Friday (and having the proper pronounciation of GIF during the week he would appear to be kinda sorta back.

Jairo Arrieta - 5

Well we had a good right with Orlando City SC legend Jairo Arrieta didn't we? In his defense, did get his teammates involved in the attack, but didn't shoot if he had the chance to, committed the most fouls of anyone on D.C. United Friday not named Boswell, and this doesn't help:

Michael Farfan (Sub) - 6

Came on for DeLeon at halftime due to "tightness" the former was having. Dealt with the speedsters decently, distribution was excellent (19 of 20 passes completed according to the MLS/Opta chalkboard). Going to hope he hasn't hit the ceiling on it quite yet as he (and the next guy we'll talk about) seen to be turning into nice options for Ben Olsen.

Conor Doyle (Sub) - 6

Came on for Arrieta, and served as a swiss army knife of sorts. Played as forward, switched to the left so Pontius and Silva could be up top, had a decent shot at goal that Donovan Ricketts saved, and outjumped(!) Aurelien Collin on the subsequent ball in the air. A healthy Conor Doyle and Michael Farfan could be good things for this team.

Luis Silva (Sub) - 7.5

Came on for Rolfe. We'll get to his goal in a minute, but it sure seemed like the team had some life pumped into it after a slightly dismal few moments before that. Came on, helped set up chances and involve teammates. And that goal...

Man of the Match

Luis Silva. Guy came on, made an instead impact and..

Just playing, it's Hamid. Why wouldn't it be Hamid? I mean, I'd just play the recap reel here but he blocked it.