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D.C. United 2-1 Vancouver Whitecaps: Player Ratings

Numbers to names. Hiiiighhwaaaay to the Banter Zone!

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D.C. United was in the familiar position of probably not coming out of Vancouver with any points, much less three, considering the lack of healthy bodies. But nothing like getting three points on the road against the Vancouver Whitecaps and stay in first to boot. But enough of my prattling, on with the ratings!

Andrew Dykstra - 5

I can't really give him grief for the goal, challenged the shooter, narrowed angle, Pedro Morales doing Pedro Morales things. Was a liiittle out of sorts in the moments before the injury, but otherwise, get well, get well soon, we want you to get well (also applies to Bill Hamid).

Chris Korb - 5.5

Filled in this week for the ill Taylor Kemp. Did decent-ish on Darren Mattocks when he could, though was up further than he should have been on the goal (in his defense, he was keeping track of Mauro Rosales). All in all about what one could expect from the vetern.

Bobby Boswell - 6.5

#WhiteRooney returns, break up the band. That said, was a bit in no man's land on the goal, similar to the goal last week, so not completely milk and honey. Oh, and lived through this:

Kofi Opare - 6.5

When he had Rivero he was generally in control, not a lot of action on him on the night and won't fault him on the backpass late in the game. On a team with Octavio Rivero, Kendall Waston and nine corner kicks, none went in. Kudos to the Bobfi Oposwell pairing.

Sean Franklin - 5.5

Passing was decent, was left a bit out to dry on the goal, found himself against Rivero on more than one occasion in the air which was admirable but futile. Was picked on a bit by Vancouver's speedsters which wasn't a surprise. Nevertheless, held his own. But bubby, don't take a corner like that again please, OK?

Nick DeLeon - 6

On the night, liked his runs and his passing wasn't bad either. Seemed to be more comfortable with Espindola up front and didn't have to press so much. One of the positive ramifications.

Perry Kitchen - 6.5

Was without security blanket Davy Arnaud and had a turnover or two that led to a chance (almost having Sam Adekugbe's cleats in his ankle couldn't have helped).Nevertheless, did a ton of work behind Farfan and with the defenders. Really liked his night.

Michael Farfan - 7

Assisted on the first goal, almost had one of his own, had a couple of nice passes that led to another. Going to presume he will be put on the wing again when Arnaud returns or we're not playing Vancouver on turf again, but if Ben Olsen has unlocked the "Farfan being productive in the middle" code, that tide raises a few boats.

Chris Pontius - 5.5

I may have complained about Pontius staying on the field longer than he should have, but he was the guy who was dispossessed that led to the Rolfe goal. He was also the guy who had runners with him on a late counter and decided to shoot instead, resulting in a fairly easy save from Ousted. The Curious Case of Chris Pontius continues.

Chris Rolfe - 7

Scored the game-winner, and David Ousted saved what would have been a prettier goal than last week. Thoughts on the actual event aside, how about we all get in on the ground floor of the "Make Chris Rolfe an All-Star" campaign now, shall we?

Fabian Espindola - 6.5

Some jerk last week wondered how Espindola would look in a lineup with the offensive weapons back. Having Farfan in the middle and not having Silva on the field until the last 15 minutes have us in an "Ask Again Later" situation, but a couple shots on goal and using some guile to get Matias Laba two yellows was a nice start.

Travis Worra (Sub) - 5

Came on for Dykstra in the 58th and did not have a lot to do, the Opare backpass looked to be more miscommunication than anything.

Luis Silva (Sub) - 6

Came on for Rolfe, didn't lose the ball (that I remembered) and helped kill the game off fairly well. 15-20 minutes in each of the last four games, two of those games on turf. If he's doing OK, maybe a half would be worth trying?

Conor Doyle (Sub) - 5

Came on for Pontius in the 90th, did about what was expected of him.

Man of the Match

The coin landed on tails, and Farfan playing 90 minutes for the first time with his new club in a different position played well.