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D.C. United 1:1 Houston Dynamo: The GIFs

We look at some moments that caught our fancy.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, you may have watched the game, you may have even read our recap of D.C. United's draw with the Houston Dynamo. So here are some random moments from the game, good, bad and otherwise. Scroll, scroll!

This one is more of the forward playing Bobby Boswell, aka #WhiteRonaldo

Next is another angle of the Chris Rolfe goal. Noting the Taylor Kemp run again:

Moving into the second half, perhaps (I thought) the best chance for D.C., which ended in the Michael Farfan shot wide. Would note Perry Kitchen steps behind him a la his goal last week:

I'll call this Chris Pontius in a nutshell:

Here's the Houston goal. Again, interesting positioning by almost all the defenders here:

Not necessarily the note I was hoping to go out on, but this pullback from Luis Silva to get some more players involved was interesting. Hopefully more teammates recognize that because some space could have been exploited there instead of a petering out.