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The Week in MLS Announcers Hits (But Mostly Misses)

We try to figure out what folks were saying when it comes to calling the soccers.

Alexi is just baiting Max for a "YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS"
Alexi is just baiting Max for a "YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS"
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Slowly but surely, there are some resources being put into the television presentation for Major League Soccer, though there are some markets where it remains the short straw in the studio bullpens, for guys who do not have the time nor the inclination for a few thousand eyes or ears. This article (which may or may not be a recurring feature) helps to shine a light on some of the things heard over the weekend during broadcasts.

Let's start with some easy stuff, like from the Chicago Fire's Dan Kelly:

I mean, Morales is from Chile, unless he's thinking of the old timey wrestler (also not from British Columbia), and I think I see the picture Kelly was trying to paint, but we see how this looks, right?

Moving ahead to Toronto FC and Columbus Crew SC, and the call of the weekend was Justin Morrow being sent off for a red card which can be viewed at approximately 1:25 here:

Crew TV guy Dwight Burgess first says this:

then after the half, says this:

I mean, come on, really? Again, I see the intent, but just say it was a blown call. Not hard.

To be fair, it is not all horrible, and these guys likely have a tough job to both balance that and the demands of what it is the team may want from them when it comes to communication. But Bill Riley and Brian Dunseth may very well be pound for pound the best local team in Major League Soccer. Whether it was Riley's handling of pronouncing Philadelphia Union forward Fernando Aristeguieta or Dunseth's questioning of the late PK call that led to a draw in their match, they were and are stellar.

Here is hoping that other Major League Soccer broadcast teams follow their example.