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D.C. United 2-1 New York City FC: The GIFs

We look at the moments that mattered in animated form.

Friday night's game between D.C. United and New York City FC was not without its drama; it started as most D.C. United games have lately, included some nifty interplay and a last-moment goal to ensure a victory and spot in the playoffs. So now we look at some things that caught our eye over the course of the game.

The first was watching Perry Kitchen and Andrea Pirlo recognize the same spot and the former shoulder the latter away from the ball:

The next was the first real chance to Chris Pontius (there was one a couple minutes before), where I thought the team began exploited the matchup with him and Chris Wingert:

Next up, Fabian Espindola yelling at Pontius, because I thought it was funny:

Minutes later, Espindola puts in Pontius' shot for the tying goal. Also, LOL at the Pirlo backtracking like everyone else:

Next up, Espindola getting onto a header following some nice passing from Sean Franklin and Nick DeLeon:

While this isn't the Alvaro Saborio goal, the work with him, Chris Rolfe and Espindola was also nifty:

Also, while THIS isn't the goal, this is still kind of nice:

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