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D.C. United 2-1 New York City FC: Player Ratings

In which numbers, names and bantz are high.

D.C. United gave up a goal in the early moments of their match with New York City FC. Amazing that a team is wont to allow a goal in the first 15 minutes like D.C. does, right? Well, the team persevered in their work and eventually rallied for a 2-1 win that snapped a six-game winless streak while simultaneously clinching a playoff spot for the Black and Red, leaving things until the end as they apparently are also wont to do.

With that, let's put numbers to player names in our latest exercise of subjectivity, shall we?

Bill Hamid - 7

It's weird to judge Bill on a LACK of saves performance though I'll chalk up the save on David Villa and rebound to Frank Lampard as fluky more than anything else, and holding down the fort on everything else.

Taylor Kemp - 6

Second in clearances, had a key pass, passing was OK, hustled back on defense on a couple of possessions, I think may have been one of the first who started finding Pontius on runs in the second half that the team eventually beat into the ground for the baby New York blues. Not a bad outing.

Kofi Opare - 6.5

Slow to the pickup when Lampard got to the rebound early on, but past that? Tied for first in clearances, tied for second in interceptions, 44 of 46 passing on the night. Not bad for a guy in his first regular season start in six weeks, curious to see if Steve Birnbaum gets his spot back against the Chicago Fire.

Bobby Boswell - 6

First in interceptions, tied for first in clearances, passing was down compared to his season totals, and was weirdly up forward more often than normal. I guess it's fair that #WhitePirlo wanted to hang out with #RegularPirlo, but cool your jets Robert.

Sean Franklin - 7.5

Going to thank Jason for doing my work here for me:

If Franklin is finding his form on both ends like he did Saturday, this will help tremendously.

Chris Pontius - 7.5

Speaking of if a player is finding his form, four shots on goal (2nd on the team), three on target (tied for first), two key passes (2nd on the team), three aerials won (tied for first between either team on the night), and a couple of interceptions defensively. Ran his butt off in the second half. With my friends, wondered how much of a pay cut he'd take to stay, second half, we thought the same thing, just adjusted the number. Best 90 minutes since...?

Perry Kitchen - 7

Thanking Jason again:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">In the rain, on a soggy field, against a 5 man midfield, Kitchen misplaced 4 passes in 90 minutes (41/45) last night. <a href="">#DCU</a></p>&mdash; Jason (@chestrockwell14) <a href="">October 3, 2015</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Will add onto it with second on the team in interceptions, and led the team in fouls. Presumably off the shackles of an accumulation between now and the end of the year, here's hoping Perry's got the snarl again.

Markus Halsti - 5.5

Reverted back to form with Kitchen where both played a little deep (Kitchen was slightly more forward normally), and Halsti focused on the right side of the field. The weather hurt a guy who normally thrives on longer passes though he did connect on 7 of 9 long balls, but was a generally average night for the Finn. Onnea tällä viikolla karsintoihin Markus!

Nick DeLeon - 6

A 65-35ish split of sorts between the left and right sides of midfield (with some central play thrown in). Passing was OK, shooting was a touch non-existent, played well in the first half, disappeared a touch in the second.

Chris Rolfe - 5.5

Aside from Halsti, perhaps the quietest attacking player. Least accurate passer on the night, one shot, one key pass, though defensively (two tackles, two clearances) was a mild and pleasant change of character. Maybe he was watching the halftime ceremony, I don't know.

Fabian Espindola - 7.5

Scored the first goal, with a rebound on the Pontius shot, sent the free kick in in extra time that Saborio put home for the game-winner. Took things upon himself a little in the first half (which wasn't a great thing), started yelling at folks in the second half before his goal (one sequence the cameras caught where he yelled at Kitchen made me chuckle). But leading in key passes, decent crossing (for him) and having almost as many shots on goal (8) as a team with Villa, Lampard and Andrea Pirlo on it (10) is nothing to sneeze at.


Alvaro Saborio - 7

Came on for Halsti in the 69th (nice), scored the game-winner, had another shot on goal he got to, albeit with his left foot, added a key pass for his troubles. Not bad for a guy who had fluid drained from his knee earlier in the week.

Man of the Match:

Nice to see you again Party Boy, hope you stay awhile.