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D.C. United jersey watch: Fourth teaser spot released

D.C. United has released another tease of the new secondary jersey.

The D.C. United team store has been releasing teasers of the new secondary jersey throughout the past month. It started with a white area around the MLS badge, then a red area around the D.C. United crest, a D.C. United eagle surrounded by white on the back of the neck, and now there is a shot of the torso of the jersey that features red and white stripes.

So far, it may be looking like a jersey that starts red at the top and then the white stripes get larger and larger the further down the shirt you get. My main worry for this shirt was the possibility that it would look like the Columbus Crew's secondary jersey, which features a yellow top and then white below the chest; however, this looks to integrate the color a little better.

What do you think of the newest tease of the jersey?