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D.C. United takes the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Not one player, not one front office guy. The whole team, getting cold and wet to raise awareness and money for research into a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.

We should all know by now that any team coached by Ben Olsen is not going to back down from a challenge. So it should be no surprise that when challenged by Brit Am Soccer Academy, D.C. United stood up. And boy did they ever.

Team COO Tom Hunt and captain Bobby Boswell introduce the video, and everybody gets doused. Nick DeLeon gets ice water! Dave Kasper gets ice water! Perry Kitchen gets ice water! (Though really, it's the other way around there - watch the video and you'll understand why). EVERYBODY GETS ICE WATER!!

The team challenged presenting sponsor Leidos (and their CEO), CSN Mid-Atlantic duo Dave Johnson and Santino Quaranta, and the entirety of Sporting Kansas City, this weekend's opponents. Talon does his part to challenge the Wizards' G-Wiz, the Nationals' racing presidents, and the Caps' own eagle, Slapshot. We'll know in the next 24 hours whether they accept the challenge. (And on that note, nice gamesmanship to time the challenge so that the Sporks will have to douse themselves in ice water on gameday. I doubt that was intentional - United only had 24 hours to complete the challenge themselves - but still, good work, team.)

EDIT: And in case you're wondering, that's rookie Steve Birnbaum who gets an extra bucket at the end.