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The Black and Red United tailgate meetup is happening April 12 before D.C. United vs. the Metros

Join readers and staff for pregame merriment before the Black-and-Red take on that energy drink team from Jersey.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

I've really enjoyed getting to know quite a few of our readers over the last couple years that I've been writing for Black and Red United, especially in the last year-and-change I've been at the helm of the good ship B&RU. I love that we have a growing online community of passionate D.C. United fans and supporters. But I want to meet more of and to get to know y'all better. And I can't be the only one who feels this way.

So I say let's meet in person. Let's do it next weekend, April 12, in Lot 8, before United take on the Metros. The team has hooked us up with a 9'x18' hospitality tent to keep the sun and/or rain (or, god forbid, snow) off our backs, but each person will need to cover their own ticket to the match and pregame sustenance. The tent will be near where the food trucks set up before each game, close to the tunnel from Lot 8 into the more immediate stadium grounds.

So, to digest:

Who: You, me, and the staff and readers of Black and Red United

What: B&RU Meetup Tailgate

When: Saturday April 12, before D.C. United vs. the Red Bulls, starting when the parking lot opens at 3pm and running until we decide to head into the stadium for the 7:00 kickoff

Where: The hospitality tents in Lot 8 at RFK Stadium

Why: Because we should meet in person if this relationship is going to continue

How: BYOB, BYO-ticket, BYO-food

Yes, this is really happening. Who's in? No need for formal RSVPs, but please do chime in in the comments so we can be on the lookout for you.