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Richmond Kickers release their new beer, Kick It Hunny

The Richmond Kickers and Wild Wolf Brewing Company have released a Kickers-specific beer: Kick It Hunny.

Richmond Kickers

On Monday, the Richmond Kickers and Wild Wolf Brewing Company launched Kick It Hunny, a new beer that is based off of Wild Wolf's flagship Blonde Hunny and which was customized by Richmond Kickers fans. It is a Belgian Pale Ale, initially both sweet and malty and ending with a hoppier finish. It will be a good beer for the hot days of summer, and at 4.5% alcohol it is a good session beer as well. The beer will be available at all of the Richmond Kickers' games, as well as at some local bars such as Postbellum (the site of the beer release party) and Gus' (the site of tonight's River City Red Army event).

The logo for the beer was also released at the event, which was designed by Richmond local Alyssa Koontz and which is based on the Blonde Hunny logo as well.