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Richmond Kickers versus Wilmington Hammerheads: USL streaming, prediction, lineups, and gamethread

The Richmond Kickers take on the Wilmington Hammerheads tonight in the first game of the USL season.

The Richmond Kickers kick off their season tonight, travelling to Wilmington to take on the Hammerheads. The team is greatly retooled from last season, but some of the core players are back once again. And, of course, there are the D.C. United loanees to watch, so why not throw is up on your computer while you watch the MLS team on your TV?

Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Legion Stadium, Wilmington, NC

Streaming: As with all USL games, this one is available to stream via YouTube. Why don't you have it on your computer while D.C. United is on your TV?

D.C. United players in attendance: It looks like Collin Martin is still injured, so it looks like Travis Worra, Luke Mishu, and Jalen Robinson will be the United players down in Richmond tonight.

Richmond Kickers Starting XI: The first game is always a crap shoot, but here goes. I will guess that Travis Worra will be in goal, with Alex Lee, Jalen Robinson, William Yomby, and Luke Mishu ahead of him. Mike Callahan and Samuel Asante are the defensive midfielders, with Brian Ownby, Yudai Imura, and George Davis IV ahead of them. Matthewe Delicate of course, will start up top.

Prediction: The Kickers and Hammerheads are two of the longer standing teams in USL, and so both will be gunning for points. That said, the Kickers have been a model franchise for years, and so I expect a 2-1 win for them.

What are you drinking? Whatever it is, it will be the same for this game and the D.C. Unite game. Check that gamethread for the choice.

As always, this is your place for pre-game, in-game, and post-game chatter.